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Historic Ukiah-Tahoe Highway Association

What’s New?

The Historic Ukiah-Tahoe Association was formed in late 2017 to preserve and record the historic significance of the 222 miles of the Ukiah-Tahoe Highway that was originally built in the 1920’s. Our long term plan was to provide a Travel Guide with maps of the ”Current Route” and all of the original route that is still passable shown as “Alternate Routes”. We also show “Points of Interest” along the route and map several “Side Trips” to interesting locations that are near the route.  By increasing interest in the drive, we can increase tourism along the route.


Where Are We So Far?

Our Travel Guide is now for sale in Hard Copy here or on eBay or PDF Copy here.  Just search for the "Ukiah Tahoe Highway Travel Guide" on eBay or See our Sales Page here. 

Our Second Travel Guide, Historic US Highway 99W, "The Forgotten Highway" is now for sale both Here and on eBay.

Then came the History of the US Highway System. This is not a Travel Guide like the other books, but a history of the US Highway System from 1900 to current. It is now for sale both Here and on eBay.

Our latest Travel Guide, US Highway 101, The Redwood Highway from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon Border. This travel guide is be for sale on our sister website


Where We Go Next:

We have several other Travel Guides and Books in the Planning stage, more news on these later.

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